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Renaissance Pewter, a leading brand in the pewter industry, is manufactured and marketed by Presents & Artifacts Sdn. Bhd. since 1979.

Currently, Renaissance Pewter's premises include the main office located in Butterworth, Penang, a branch office in Kuala Lumpur, and several factories situated near the office. Renaissance Pewter products are conveniently displayed at two main showrooms, one at the Penang International Airport and the other at the Garage in Penang Road.

Boasting a factory workforce of over 200 workers as well as numerous skilled craftsmen and engravers, Renaissance Pewter ranks among the largest pewter manufacturing companies in South-East Asia.

In recent years, Renaissance Pewter's high quality has attracted the interest of foreign companies. Currently, Renaissance Pewter has forged an international partnership with the Yunnan Tin Company, Yunnan, China which is world number one tin producer. The joint venture, known as Yunnan Pewter Company Limited, located in Kunming & Gejiu in the Yunnan province of China.


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